An experience that is more personal

With all these built-in features, you can transform any size display into an interactive and real-time marketing touchpoint while creating an experience that is more personal, more informative, more active and more timely.



Designed for Retail

K-signage is a powerful CMS that’s packed with all the features and functionalities that you need to centrally manage and monitor your entire network of digital signage screens on any Retail. Furthermore, K-signage includes third party integrations like social media. You can easily create, in real-time, a custom-designed social wall with the best posts from all your social accounts. Its smart moderation capabilities enables you to choose what content you want to high- light and promote, cutting the clutter and blocking any negative content.

K-signage is the first digital signage CMS to enable the import of dynamic content from social media – such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – as well as images, video, RSS feeds, live news, and calendars, and so on.

The Product

Cloud-based or on-premise

For your convenience, K-signage is available as a cloud-based platform, or for organisations that need their content and information to stay on their private network, it can be downloaded and installed directly to your server.

Secure Cloud Server

Having the cloud-based option means that your personal content management dashboard will be hosted on our secure server, rather than locally on your computer

Channel based framework

As all data is saved in the cloud, you will be able to access your dashboard from any geographic location and from any web-enabled device, including mobile phones.

Social & Web-based Content

Our web portal is hosted in a highly secure data centre with 24/7 monitoring, protection, and data backups.

Intuitive and easy-to-use

Creating, uploading, scheduling, managing and monitoring multimedia content has never been easier with K-signage’s unique, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. It’s so simple that no technical skills are required.


Manage a large network of players

K-signage is based on industry open standards, meaning that it is compatible with a wide range of devices that can be integrated into a single solution via a simple and unified web interface. With K-signage you can now benefit from the strengths of different players for different applications, but manage all of them in a consistent manner from a single platform! The platform allows you to remotely manage thousands of different digital signage platforms from any Internet-connected device.

K-signage supports a growing number of different digital signage players such as BrightSign, PADS, and Wallin; as well as the most popular Software-on-Chip technology such as Samsung’s Smart Signage platform and Philips Digital Signage Display.

Web interface – can be used from any mobile device

K-signage is a software platform that allows you to swiftly and easily manage your connected digital signage players and screens in any standard web browser. All you need to do is login to the K-signage portal with your unique user credentials from any device, even your smart phone – no need to worry about downloading and installing any software.



Packed with everything you need to be productive

It’s hard to keep up with the fast-paced conversational world of social media and capture your audience’s attention. K-signage is the first digital signage CMS to enable the import of dynamic content from social media – such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – as well as images, video, RSS feeds, live news, and more. K-signage allows you to display, in real-time, a custom-designed social wall comprising of the best posts from all your social accounts. It’s smart moderation capabilities enables you to choose what content you want to highlight and promote, cutting the clutter and blocking any negative or offensive content. Having this social feature enhances audience engagement through a more interactive experience, encouraging your customers to join the conversation through designated hashtags, spreading the digital word-of-mouth, and creating a buzz around your location, store or event. You can even measure your social success right on your dashboard: discover the number of latest #hashtag posts from all the major social networks and interact with the users that are most active. With the built-in powerful social analytics tool, you can also learn who your customers are, analyse their loyalty and engagement, track their preferences, and send direct marketing promotions.
In today’s digital world, real-time data management is essential. K-signage’s advanced data integration technology enables you to broadcast up-to-the-minute information, always keeping your audience informed with the latest news and promotions. Our software converts the most popular data source (like XML files, Websites, Social Sites, and much more) that is then visually displayed on the screen in the format of your choice. You can easily monitor the data integration from your dashboard, as well as scheduling automatic updates depending on the information you wish to import.
Content tags help you organise content into structured categories by labelling each multimedia item. When creating playlists and scheduling content per screen and/or location, having each piece of content tagged will allow you to easily find what you are looking for without having to scroll through a vast media library. Content can not only be tagged per category, but also per screen, per location, per promotion, and so on. Scheduling content only takes a few short minutes. You can easily create automatic playlists or play different content genres based on the time of day or week straight from your dashboard. Even scheduling competitions and contests is super easy – K-signage’s fully featured interface allows you to set a specific show reel to broadcast right at your venue or event on the day and precise time that you need.
For improved security and an efficient workflow, role-based permissions allows you to assign different access rights per user. K-signage allows you to manage an individual or a groups’ permissions such as administrator, group manager, upload manager, content manager, editor, approval, and so on, all from the dashboard.
Increased interactivity coupled with personalised messaging that can trigger heightened audience engagement is an ongoing challenge in the world of digital signage. Built-in proximity sensors can help capture your audiences’ attention, raise their level of engagement while boosting sales. By detecting the presence of those who are nearby, the sensor will automatically trigger a playlist of content, an advert or a video for display. The use of proximity sensors helps you deliver a specific message to the right person, at the right time.
K-signage’s intuitive and comprehensive analytics and monitoring tool tracks performance, metrics and so on, displaying everything you could possible need on the dashboard such as log files and screen shots. It also monitors the health of your network, so if a screen or location across your organisation is experiencing technical problems; for example, loss of power or Internet connection, you will be able to act immediately to rectify the issue
A modular, flexible and highly customisable design ensures that your digital display is sharp and professional right from the start. K-signage’s library of design templates allows you to add logos, pictures, shapes, text or interactive charts. Through your personal dashboard, you can choose your colour theme, add your social feeds, upload graphics and much more.

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